Consumed and enthralled with tipping the global economy on its head, George Soros thinks of himself as a monetary god who is getting ready for something big. With all the funding he has passed into the political scene in the United States to bring it down economically so it falls apart and will then submit to a global new world order, it just does not seem to come to fruition. He is now eighty five years old. He only has a few years left. Yes, people are living longer now with all the healthcare innovations, yet, when it is time to go, it is time to go. Many people hope it will be his time to go as they love their United States and George Soros does not.

George Soros is working hard to undo the sovereign states in the United States so that he can establish socialism in the world without the United States. He feels that the world should be able to vote in the United States elections because the policies have a worldwide effect and that should mean that the rest of the world should be able to have a say in matters of the United States. So he has his billions of dollars invested in various groups to disrupt the order in the United States. He has funded groups such as Move on dot org and Occupy Wall Street to cause disruption in the electoral process. He funded the Obama run for the White House. He funded Black Lives Matter a group that is influencing militant Black Panthers and The Nation of Islam to assassinate policemen as has transpired in Dallas Texas, Baton Rouge, and Kansas City in the last few weeks. The goal is to keep the home fires burning out of control.

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George Soros also funded Governor John Kasich to stay in the Republican Primary Race until Ted Cruz dropped out by donating 700,000.00 for John Kasich to run attack ads on Ted Cruz but not Donald Trump. Soros does not want Ted Cruz to ever become president because that would be counter productive to his political outcome preference which is globalism and dissolution of sovereign states in the United States. He is totally against the United States Constitution and Cruz is a staunch constitutional conservative for decentralized government and power to the states. Read more about George’s life story at

With George Soros’ endless bank rolling of various groups and political candidates such as the Clintons and others who are for big centralized government and globalization as is President Obama, he is doing everything he can to destabilize the economy here so that his dreams of a Fabian Socialist Utopia worldwide will fall into place. He just purchased billions in gold stocks so the end may be close. He hopes to see it. In reality, his efforts are just not adequate as the Founders put together a government whose people seem to find a way to pull back together.

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