The sales of premium dog food are growing every year. The Daily Herald points out that sales have increased by 45% since 2009. Currently, sales of premium selections are over $10 billion per year. Considering the total revenue generated per year in the entire pet food industry is $23.7 billion according to Yahoo Finance, it is obvious pet owners realize high-quality pet foods are the better choice for their canines. Beneful, Purina‘s premium dog food line, is a perfect example of a brand that is going to draw in customers. Many wet foods produced by Purina Store/Beneful are modeled after menu selections found in gourmet restaurants. A few selections look as if there are packaged versions of home-cooked meals. And then there are dry and wet food items that may come from a health and nutrition store. The success of premium dog food in the Amazon market is leading to more companies getting involved in manufacturing top-grade dog foods. Established companies are looking to buy up currently-existing premium brands. This is interesting because gourmet pet food was not extremely popular a decade ago. Today, pet owners do realize that improving a pet’s diet is going to deliver the same benefits to a pet that better nutrition has on a human being. Beneful’s food choices promote the vitamins and nutrients found in them. Even the dog treats bearing the Beneful name highlight the positive effects such as their impact on a canine’s teeth. Dog lovers who want to be sure their pets are taken care of are going to be drawn to such health-conscious offerings. Access to premium pet foods is easier these days than what was the case in 2009 and earlier. Retail giants are carrying premium pet foods and this allows for more customers to buy the foods. And there are buying premium dog foods in huge numbers.