Greg Secker is a young businessman. He was born February 18 in 1975. Greg is very diverse he has experience in the United States and in the United Kingdom as well. Greg Secker has made a career from everything he has leaned in his career of finances. Greg has wrote several books throughout the years. He has also opened and owned several of his own companies through the years as well. Some of Greg’s companies include, The Greg Secker Foundation, Learn To Trade, Capital Index and many other companies as well. Greg has taken his success and is now teaching other people how to be successful.

Greg grew up in the United Kingdom. He is very educated. Greg Studied at the University of Nottingham in 1997. While he was attending University of Nottingham he chose to study Agricultural and Food Sciences. Greg soon realized that he passion revolved around the field of trading. He has developed the system for foreign exchanges. Secker became very good at being a trader. He eventually became to Vice President for the company Mellon Financial Corporation. He enjoyed his role here, but Secker soon realized that he would enjoy being his own boss even more.

Once Greg left Mellon Financial Corporation he began to work for himself. He started working out of his living as a full time trader. He did very well working from the comfort of his living room. Greg eventually decided that he was going to start mentoring people. This came naturally since many people who was interested in trading looked to Greg as an idol anyway since he had accomplished so much in the field of trading before he was even thirty.

After Greg spent some time mentoring people, he eventually opened up his own official company. The name of the company was named the Greg Secker foundation. The goal of the company is to improve the overall quality of people’s education and life. As of today, the company is during extremely well. The Greg Secker Foundation even won a few awards because of how great they are. Secker has changed lives!

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