As the founder and Chairman of DAMAC properties, Hussain Sajwani is leading the country to a bright future. Apart from building luxurious properties, he is dedicated to educating the youth and promote a sustainable environment. Born in 1952, Hussain Sajwani started his career in the finance department of Abu Dhabi Gas Industries for two years following which he moved into the catering industry and founded Global Logistics Services which is currently a booming business. He is currently worth a staggering $4.1 billion.

DAMAC properties have built 19,000 properties since its inception sixteen years ago and have 44,000 projects already in the implementation phase. DAMAC Properties build luxury class real estates that provide a very good standard of living for the citizens of the country. Some of their top projects include a golf course designed with the help of Tiger Woods, the world-famous Paramount Hotels and luxurious villas designed by Bugatti. With operations in U.A.E and the United Kingdom, they are expanding at a very fast pace.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is striving to make his vision a reality through DAMAC properties. They are actively involved in philanthropic work and have made huge donations to charities and non-profit organizations like Dubai Autistic Centre, Emirate Red Crescent, Dubai Cares Organization to name a few.

DAMAC Properties also treats its employees with performance-based incentives and a good work-life balance. Hussain Sajwani’s understanding of corporate accountability is a sign of gratitude towards the society that accepted DAMAC Properties whole-heartedly. Their focus on educating the youth has received an overwhelming response from the country with over 100,000 participants for their new initiative called One Million Arab Coders on the first day. The name itself describes the purpose of the initiative which is to train and equip the youngsters with the trending technologies in the digital market with the ultimate goal of making U.A.E a digital country. It is a two-year course divided into several phases with a focus on different programming languages for the youngsters to discover their interests and strengths before they move on to the advanced courses. Currently, the programme offers specialization in four trending profiles which are Big Data Analytics, Front-End Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, and a Web Application Developer.

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