CCMP Capital is a large investment firm that has holdings in businesses throughout North America. It also owns businesses in Europe. It’s hard to pinpoint the company’s investment structure because it owns stock in four completely different sectors. Only a small number of investment firms have lasted as long as CCMP. The company’s existence is a product of several buyouts and mergers. CCMP is named after the four firms that have a stake in the company.

This company has offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital could be thought of as the organic product of several different financial institutions working together. The company’s leveraged buyouts often make headlines. It owns PureGym in the UK. PureGym recently bought out 43 LA Fitness locations. CCMP Capital was original called Chemical Venture Partners. The name Chemical Bank was phased out because it wasn’t really familiar to a lot of people. CCMP still has a lot of investments in companies that Chemical Bank would have invested in. CCMP isn’t a well known brand name, but it owns companies that are known throughout the world. CCMP’s management teams actively monitor their investments. The size of the company ensures that they will continue to see successful returns because of their ability to use their own capital as leverage.

Stephen P. Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital until early 2015. Murray graduated from Boston College in 1984 with an economics degree. He later got an MBA from Columbia Business School. He went on to start a training program with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. This is a company that would eventually merge with Chemical Bank. Stephen P. Murray founded CCMP. It was initially intended to be a branch of Chemical Bank. The business integrates the branches of a lot of different banking institutions. These institutions include Chase Manhattan and J.P. Morgan.

CCMP is now a huge banking institution that doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Corporate mergers have given the bank huge amounts of capital to push around. The firm has seen solid returns for decades. The firm has a different team of people managing each of the four sectors it invests in. Some of the company’s investments have dried up, but the company’s portfolio is so diverse that this hardly matters. CCMP is the major shareholder in Quiznos. Quiznos claimed bankruptcy in 2014, but it hasn’t had a huge effect on CCMP’s earnings. CCMP has invested over 7.6 billion dollars in Quiznos and similar businesses. CCMP also has investments in the industrial, energy and healthcare sectors. The company’s selective investing strategy has ensured that the business is always experiencing solid growth.