James Dondero is one of Dallas’s best. His giving is local in nature, and as CEO of Highland Capital Management, he has made lots of strides in causes that align with his heart—veteran, education, and healthcare initiatives all are covered by his philanthropic vision.

Recently, he realized he had a budget to spend, and so he hired The Dallas Foundation to connect him with causes that would benefit from Highland Capital’s money. The Dallas Foundation then combined with Highland Capital to create The Highland Dallas Foundation, which seeks to create new long-term giving projects to improve North Texas.

They wanted to create giving that would be bold and effective, and James Dondero says that he hired Linda Owen to be the director of Highland Dallas because of her “experience, guidance, and relationships” in North Texas. Dondero has some connections himself, and has worked with The Perot Museum, The George Bush Presidential Library, and The Dallas Zoo.

One of Dondero’s goals is to create long-term goals for giving that will aid non-profits and help them get off the ground if they need to. It takes a lot to sustain a non-profit, and Dondero doesn’t want to give up on non-profits after a one-time gift: he wants to continue to support them.

Can The Highland Dallas Foundation help improve North Texas? We think so. It appears that the combination of James Dondero’s vision with The Dallas Foundation’s expertise is perfectly situated to create in Dallas an even more wonderful place to live.

Check out James Dondero on LinkedIn.

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