Keith Mann founded Dynamic Search Partners through a partnership in 2011 and is the present Managing Director at the firm. Dynamic Search Partners offers clients with hedge findings and alternative investment products. It also provides search services and human resource staffing services to leading equity companies. Dynamic Search Partners has established its name to rank in the leading names of investment executive in the United States. Keith Mann’s investment career began as the Manager for Dynamic Associates, in the Alternative Investments Division. He then progressed the company’s portfolio and earned a promotion to Vice President.



Keith Mann’s outstanding investment successes features in major news platforms across the internet such as PRNewswire, Metro.Uk, IdeaMensch, Engadgement, BusinessWire, AnimalLiberationFront and



In an interview with IdeaMensch, Keith revealed that the idea behind starting Dynamic Search Partners stemmed from years of experience in the hedge investment industry. He told IdeaMensch that his childhood ambitions have a huge influence from growing up around successful investments in New York. He added to say that his company is an evolution of Dynamic Associates, which was created to meet the specialized needs of clients in the hedge fund and investment industries.



Keith cited that his day characterizes an initial exercise session that sets the focus level of the day and followed by a busy schedule throughout the day. Keith Mann’s day task is to oversee the offices’ operations of Dynamic Search Partners directly. The success of Dynamic Search Partners is hugely influenced by the integration of trending technology to serve their clients better, through their various online portals. Keith Mann’s career history involves working for Dynamic Executive Search, establishing Alternative Investment Practice in 2002, as its subsidiary and later expanding it in 2006, into an equity firm.



Apart from managing his company, Keith Mann is actively in kind acts. In 2015, Keith and DSP hosted a fundraising event for the Uncommon Schools. They raised $22,000 to sponsor millions of qualified and low-income students’ attendance to college. Keith commented that the effort by his company aims to close the significant achievement gap in society caused by lack of schooling fees for college going individuals. Keith Mann strongly admires Micheal Bloomberg for his professional success and moral leadership in the industry.


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