Skout is a global app that helps users meet new people and expand their circle of social media friends. The company recently surveyed 23,000 people around the world. They were interested in uncovering trends in online friendship.
Christian Wiklund, co-founder and CEO of Skout, said their app helped make over 650 million new social friends connect in 2015.
Here are some of the survey findings.

* 3 of 4 people have friends online that they have met in person.
* 76 percent of Americans have online only friends that they have never met in person.
* 83 percent of the people surveyed said they would like to meet online friends in person someday.
* 62 percent of Americans in the survey say they have at least online friends that number five.
* 41 percent of the Americans surveyed have at least 10 friends.
* 64 percent of the American surveyed have online friends that live in countries outside of the United States.
* 92 percent of Americans surveyed say they use their mobile phones to converse with their online friends,
* 59 percent of Americans admit to communicating with their friends on a daily basis.

Ireene S. Levine, who produces the Friendship Blog, which is a popular advice blog that attempts to help people swim the murky waters of making and keeping friends. About friendship she had this to say: “Over the past decade, dramatic changes have taken place in the way we live, work and communicate but the need for friendship remains unchanged and essential to our well being.
Skouters can make new friends locally or anywhere. Over 16 million people used the popular Skout travel feature in 2015. The app lets users search a city anywhere in the world and connect with new friends there.
Skout is the largest online platform for making friends. 180 countries are covered by Skout. The company is located in San Francisco.