Social media accounts can turn anyone or any company into a sensation overnight. Not everyone has that special touch to become an instant hit, but there are exceptions, like Lime Crime.

An Instant Hit on Instagram

Lime Crime, a makeup company, is sweeping the digital world. The company has hit Instagram and was instantly welcomed to the community. The company’s Instagram has surpassed 2 million followers. The brand uses their Instagram account to connect with customers and has made a community for those who love Lime Crime products.  They can be followed here: @limecrimemakeup

What Do Lime Crime Followers Have in Common?

Lime Crime was built on Doe Deere’s vision of a cosmetic line that was bold, natural, and unique. For far too long the bolder side of some people has been laid dormant because cosmetic lines like to keep colors generic and subtle. But Deere wanted a bit more splash, so she introduced colors that one would not normally associate with makeup.

The colors are so vibrant that one might call them neon-like. This sense of breaking away from conventional makeup is part of what connected the 2 million and plus followers to each other.

Another thing that connects Lime Crime’s Facebook followers together is their love for natural products that do not contain unorthodox or artificial ingredients; the products are beeswax based. Beeswax is a natural moisturizer, which does wonder for the lips and is also cruelty-free.

These are just some of the reasons why Lime Crime’s followers are more than just fans but a family. Yes, beauty matters to them as much as self-expression, but they are also connecting on moral grounds. It would not be surprising to see followers of Lime Crime following each other from time to time.

Lime Crime–as an Instagram sensation–is definitely breaking ground, which is to be expected because that is what Doe Deere’s vision did for makeup.  Check them out online, where Lime Crime lipsticks can be bought.

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  1. Most of Lime Crime’s followers are attempting to break out of their own shells and become their own person. They are expressing themselves with unique styles and using makeup as an extension of themselves rather than just something to cover up who they are. There are ofcourse many things you can that can change a lot of things like the things I read at and it has helped me tremendously well.

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