I have been aware of Marc Sparks as a respected businessperson in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas for a number of years, but I have only recently discovered how impressive he is as an entrepreneur when I read about his Spark Tank initiative. As an entrepreneur and investment specialist I had followed the business career of Sparks for a number of years as he appeared to me to become one of the most respected business leaders in this field in the state of Texas; it was only with the announcement of the second recipient of the Spark Tank Award that I realized how important Marc had become as a local philanthropist.

Mark Sparks works alongside Lynne Sipiora to work through applications for the Spark Tank initiative to uncover a deserving project during each application period they believe will have a lasting impact on the Dallas Fort Worth area. The second recipient of the $5,000 grant is the not for profit Mommies In Need group that provides qualified nannies to aid families who are affected by a medical emergency, but cannot afford a specialist nanny to aid in their time of need.

The $5,000 grant will allow Mommies In Need to provide the help and support families require without any financial burden on the family in need. I was happy to read the Mommies In Need group were already working to put the $5,000 grant to good use with the employment of bilingual nannies, and those with specific medical training; I believe initiatives like the Spark Tank grant provided by Marc Sparks play an important role in helping the local community with providing support for those who require assistance in difficult situations.

I was pleased to see Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora have already opened up applications for the third round of funding for the Spark Tank grant, which will see applications close on Oct 1st 2016. In order to be eligible for the grant each organizations must be registered as a 501c3 non profit for at least two years at the application time; the Spark Tank panel allows applicant ten minutes to make a presentation detailing why they should receive the award before a question and answer session with the panel.

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