Matt Badiali is a famous person in the world of investing. He is one guy who does not buy the advice of others about investment until he sees the location and evaluates it for himself. This unique character has brought him an opportunity of traveling and inspecting several mines across the world. For instance, Matt Badiali has investigated mines in Turkey, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Iran, and Singapore. He has also had the opportunity of interviewing several CEOs of oil organizations across the world as well as analyzing a significant amount of geological data. After travelling to these areas in the world, he is well equipped with information to do with investment. He understands which investment opportunity has a good future as well as those that are not worth investing.

According to Matt Badiali, the prices of oil are going to hike as fall approaches. The agreement that was made in 2015 allowed Iran to export oil to other countries. It was also free to trade with these nations. However, the United States of America pulled out of the agreement recently. As the United States pulled out of the 2015 deal, it also put sanctions on Iran that will be affected from November. The total amount of oil that Iran was exporting every day was 2.2 million barrels. Saudi Arabia, Russia, and America cannot replace this amount of oil when combined.

According to Matt Badiali, the sanctions came at the wrong time. The sanctions will make the prices of oil to go up as the primary producer of oil is failing. The production of oil in Venezuela keeps going down, and this has made the supply of oil not to meet the demand in the world. With Iran not able to export oil because of the sanctions, the market will get even tighter.

China has not admitted that it will put sanctions on Iran and if they will keep importing crude oil from Iran or not. According to Bloomberg, China has increased crude oil imports from 450,000 barrels to 806,000 barrels every day. China and America are experiencing a trade war, and if the two do not settle the conflict, then America is likely to suffer even more.

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