Renascent Films is a company that was founded by Michael Zomber and his wife Andrea back in 1998. The company has released several films that were produced Michael and Andrea, such as the Soul of the Samurai and Deep Sea Diving.

The following list contains several movies that were produced and distributed through Renascent Films.

Soul of the Samurai: Michael Zomber directed this documentary and released it through the Cinema Guild. The documentary tells the story of how the Samurai survived through centuries of war in ancient Japan. The Samurai lived in a time of violence, honor and tradition. They believed in a code of honor known as the Bushido: Way of the Warrior, and they also invented a weapon known as the Samurai sword. Zomber uses 3D animation to bring Japanese woodblocks to life in this film.

La Cucaracha: Eric Roberts stars at a Walter, a penniless man who moves to Mexico to start a new life as a writer. He spends his days in a local tavern drinking and receiving food out of pity, and he spends his nights trying to write his novel in an abandoned shed. He has the opportunity to make money as a hit man, but the mob shoots him in the back when the situation does not go as planned. He survives the gunshot and plans to get revenge on the group who attempted to murder him. The film also stars Joaquim de Almeida and Victor Rivers.

Deep Sea Diving: Deep Sea Diving is a critically acclaimed one-woman show starring Diane Luby Lane. This theatrical show is also known as Born Feet First, and it was actually produced by Andrea Zomber.

Renascent Films did more than just produce films, documentaries and theatrical shows. The company has also helped independent producers with financing and technical expertise. Fans can still watch the Soul of the Samurai through Cinema Guild today. Be sure to check out what Zomber has to offer as a writer on Amazon.