Isn’t it thrilling how some things virtually work in the human body? Brain functioning is one of these amazing things and understanding how the brain works take science to a whole new level. Today, it is possible to manage brain damage or injury, stress or depression, anxiety, stroke, ADHD and ASD from our health centers. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

It is worthwhile mentioning that two Italian scientists, Galvani Luigi and Volta Alessandro set pace in neurology. They discovered electrical properties in matter – electron, that form a hypothesis for further research. It is also deserving to acknowledge the work of Han Berger – das Elektrenphalogramm that expounded on brain electrical association. What’s more, he also discovered the Alpha and Beta waves.

In clinical practice today, brain mapping via use of Information Technology can be calculated to point to a patient’s actual mental state. qEEG which is the method applied calculated the brain data using algorithms and statistics, from whence some frontiers are employed. These frontiers either rain the brain to perform efficiently or minimize its dysfunction.

Earlier discoveries were hard to apply as the era of computer technology had not come to being. EEG signals were analyzed using analogue methods, but in 1970, a paradigm shift happened thanks to Petersen and Matousek invention. The UCLA Brain Research Institute pioneered the use under the watch of Scientist, Ross Adey. Apparently, electrical equipment has become diverse and efficient which helps in calculations, and clinical practice was brought about. It is now possible to know whether the brain is working fast or slow, and even train it to function in a certain desired course. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

About Neurocore

Timothy Royer is the proud founder of this neurology company. It is based in Midwestern, United States. Since its enactment in 2004, it has been consistently and deliberately vested much resource into research in bid to manage brain treatment of whatsoever magnitude. Neurocore has expanded horizontally and has about nine subsidiary brain performance centers in Florida and Michigan. Its main interests are in Heart rate variability, Neurofeedback, qEEG training, attention testing, nervous diagnosis and treatment among many other things. Neurocore has helped many people’s brain to function normally and even better that was before.


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