To many artists, music is just an avenue for getting money and earning respect from peers and fans. However, Norka Luque views music from a different angle. She believes that music is a crucial tool by which an individual makes a positive impact in the society. Norka understands the benefits of music and its strong influence on people’s emotions. She acknowledges that through music, a person can bring joy to people’s hearts, create hope to the hopeless and educate the ignorant.

Norka Luque is one of the few artists who share with others the joy and positivism associated with music. Her song lyrics are objectively selected to create a positive impact on people, both young and old. She motivates them to be resilient and persistent enough to chase their dreams. She uses her story as a female musician to make people believe that the impossible is possible.

Norka’s rise to popularity as a musician in US and Venezuela did not come on a silver platter. It was as a result of a combination of hard work, passion, practice and tenacity. She began her musical ambitions at a tender age. Her parents gave her the support she needed to engage in music as a child. She trained in some of the best music schools in Venezuela before moving to France to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

While in France, Norka did not stop loving music. The bond between her and music was very strong, and nothing including school could separate them. She formed a band in university. The band could perform at university events and popular clubs within the city. She continued to sharpen herself each day. She was beginning to gain popularity for her amazing performances. Norka Luque experienced a drastic shift in her musical career when she was called by Emilio Estefan Jr, a popular music producer, to join his team.

Under Stefan, Norka produced several singles that were widely applauded by the Venezuelan showbiz. Her single “Miracle” hit the country’s music industry like a storm. The popularity of the song quickly spread like a wildfire. Within two days after the release, it hit the top of the charts in the country, topping the charts for 14 weeks.

Norka Luque currently lives in Miami, FL where she continues to pursue her musical ambitions. She is working on a new song “Milagro,” which will be produced by her own company Norka Music.

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