OSI Group Treats Customers Like Family

OSI Group President David McDonald grew up on a family farm in Iowa. Today as an international leader of one of the world’s largest food processing companies, that “family value” ethic he learned on the farm is more important than ever to the success of his company.Specifically, David McDonald says OSI views its customers as family. When you do that, things like making a profit and company growth just take care of themselves. That’s because members of a family are those you take care of naturally — you listen to them, understand their needs, get to the bottom of their problems and challenges — and then do everything you can to help them succeed.

Such an attitude is refreshing in a firm as large as OSI. Currently the company operates 65 facilities in 17 countries around the business world. OSI employs more than 20,000 people globally. Forbes magazine lists OSI Group as No. 58 on its tally of largest American privately owned companies. Annual income exceeds $6 billion. The company has more than a century of history of OSI. It was established in 1909 as a one-man operation by a German immigrant.One might think that when an organization gets as massive as OSI, concepts like individualized attention to specific customers would go by the wayside. But President McDonald said his operation has strived to do just the opposite. Individual attention remains paramount.

McDonald likes to talk about partnerships. He doesn’t see OSI Group merely as a “supplier” but as a fully integrated partner with every establishment it serves, be that a fast food restaurant, convenience store chain or a small specialty meat shop. McDonalds said he loves it when a customer “challenges” his team to come up with innovative business solutions. He’s proud of the flexibility built within the corporate culture of OSI.Other hallmarks of the OSI brand are safety, wholesomeness and superior quality product. OSI Group enjoys an almost legendary reputation worldwide for its obsessive commitment to foods that are safe, pure, wholesome, healthy and which are simply delicious. Nothing less will do for members of one’s own family.

Neurocore’s Fascinating Health Services to The People

Isn’t it thrilling how some things virtually work in the human body? Brain functioning is one of these amazing things and understanding how the brain works take science to a whole new level. Today, it is possible to manage brain damage or injury, stress or depression, anxiety, stroke, ADHD and ASD from our health centers. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

It is worthwhile mentioning that two Italian scientists, Galvani Luigi and Volta Alessandro set pace in neurology. They discovered electrical properties in matter – electron, that form a hypothesis for further research. It is also deserving to acknowledge the work of Han Berger – das Elektrenphalogramm that expounded on brain electrical association. What’s more, he also discovered the Alpha and Beta waves.

In clinical practice today, brain mapping via use of Information Technology can be calculated to point to a patient’s actual mental state. qEEG which is the method applied calculated the brain data using algorithms and statistics, from whence some frontiers are employed. These frontiers either rain the brain to perform efficiently or minimize its dysfunction.

Earlier discoveries were hard to apply as the era of computer technology had not come to being. EEG signals were analyzed using analogue methods, but in 1970, a paradigm shift happened thanks to Petersen and Matousek invention. The UCLA Brain Research Institute pioneered the use under the watch of Scientist, Ross Adey. Apparently, electrical equipment has become diverse and efficient which helps in calculations, and clinical practice was brought about. It is now possible to know whether the brain is working fast or slow, and even train it to function in a certain desired course. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

About Neurocore

Timothy Royer is the proud founder of this neurology company. It is based in Midwestern, United States. Since its enactment in 2004, it has been consistently and deliberately vested much resource into research in bid to manage brain treatment of whatsoever magnitude. Neurocore has expanded horizontally and has about nine subsidiary brain performance centers in Florida and Michigan. Its main interests are in Heart rate variability, Neurofeedback, qEEG training, attention testing, nervous diagnosis and treatment among many other things. Neurocore has helped many people’s brain to function normally and even better that was before.

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Marc Beer: A Man On A Mission

If you are a woman suffering from pelvic floor disease, there is hope. Marc Beer, who is a Co-founder of Renovia, will be moving products in place that will help with those conditions. He has raised $42 million to help battle urinary inconsistency and other disorders that approximately 250 million women have to deal with every year. It sounds like someone is taking the initiative to help treat the problem and possibly eliminate it all together.


Beer is also CEO of Renovia which produced its first product called Leva. The FDA decided to give this product an approval in April of 2018. This company is making strides in helping to develop products for people who have a very rare disease and other ailments. It is the innovative thinking of Berr along with the other co-founder Ramon Iglesias, MD. Another co-founder, Yolanda Lorie helped these two gentlemen close on financing in order to get the capital needed to pull off creating products that would help the people. Beer has been in the healthcare sector for over 25 years and is still going strong. He had stints at other companies such as ViaCell where he was CEO. He has always held a leadership position in every company he was with after being on a sales job. This speaks volumes about how he decided to take a huge leap in his life. It proved to be successful. Now he is creating products that gives people a chance to be normal in their day to day lives. Renovia itself is a women’s startup company where products to help them with their pelvic floor disorders are made. This a giant step in helping women get better. Having raised money for it means that items that women need will give them hope.


No one likes having urine inconsistencies, especially women. It is a type of bondage that then from truly being able to do what they want because of the constant need to use a pad or have on some type of protection to deal with the leakage. It can also be downright embarrassing. Renovia was created as an innovative way to deal with that. Beer and his partners are finding success in this area and plan to put four more products on the table that can help. Women everywhere that are having urbanity problems will finally have what they need to combat it. This was the best choice to make and it’s paying off with the FDA approving the products. Beer is really on the roll here thinking about women’s health. It is good to see that help is finally on the way for urinary disorders that so many have been plagued with.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Is Leading The Automotive Industry In Brazil

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started out his career as a doctor after earning his degree in medicine, but over the years he decided to focus on being an entrepreneur rather than a medical physician. Born in Brazil, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade made a name for himself in the medical industry, which made the transition to a business owner a little easier on him thanks to his reputation and success. Roughly four decades ago, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade founded a car dealership in Brazil known as CAOA. Since that time, more than one million people have purchased a vehicle from Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s company. In less than a decade, CAOA became one of the leading automotive companies in the market.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has kept his company at the forefront of environmental protection. Many other companies throughout Latin America has been reprimanded or found to be discarding their waste into the environment and showing no care for how it affects the country or its people. CAOA has won awards for their participation in improving the environment in Brazil. CAOA has gone as far as reforesting several different areas throughout the country. It didn’t take long for Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s company to blow up in the market, but they are uncontested as the leading automotive dealership in Latin America today.

CAOA was founded back in 1979 and within the first six years, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was able to acquire Ford Landau. This acquisition enabled his company to become a leading distributor of Ford Vehicles in the Brazilian market and it was all uphill from there. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has made several smart acquisitions over the years, from Subaru to Hyundai. By 2007, CAOA built a factory dedicated to their Hyundai partnership which was constructed in Anapolis. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade strategically selected this location as a prime spot in Brazil for automotive sales for Hyundai.

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Robert Ivy, The Expert AIA Ambassador

According to Robert Ivy, belonging to a professional organization gives credibility to a professional. Joining such an organization is a demonstration of one’s commitment to a career, and a demonstration that one is abreast with any emerging trends about the professional field. Additionally, serving on any committee of a professional society is a demonstration of leadership skills and potential. Employers are much more likely to spot such leadership skills whenever you apply for a position.

Robert Ivy also informs that an award from a professional society makes your resume to stand out from the rest. Some professional organizations like the American Institute of Architects require members to possess a professional license. Besides giving credibility to a professional, a valid permit shows that one has reached the required professional level. Additionally, the AIA has a code of professional ethics that all members must adhere to at all times. Therefore, belonging to the organization assures potential employers and client that you are a reliable architect.

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of the AIA, an umbrella organization for all the architects in the United States. Headquartered in Washington, the AIA offers support services to its members through government advocacy, public outreach, community redevelopment, and education to improve the public image and participation in the design industry. Since its foundation in 1897, the organization has experienced tremendous growth over the years. Today, the AIA boasts of over 91,000 dedicated members with 260 chapters across the world.

Before joining the AIA in 2011, Robert ivy worked as the editorial chief at McGraw-Hill. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Architectural Record, a widely read architectural magazine. Under his signature leadership, Architectural Record experienced phenomenal growth in its readership across the United States and beyond. Additionally, the magazine received numerous prestigious awards related to the industry. Some of the most notable awards include the National Magazine Award for General Excellence. The efforts of Ivy as the editorial chief at McGraw-Hill also saw the rise of the firm’s design and construction media in China and the Middle East. He also launched a Mandarin edition of the Architectural Record.

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Matt Badiali gives his opinion about the oil market

Matt Badiali is a famous person in the world of investing. He is one guy who does not buy the advice of others about investment until he sees the location and evaluates it for himself. This unique character has brought him an opportunity of traveling and inspecting several mines across the world. For instance, Matt Badiali has investigated mines in Turkey, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Iran, and Singapore. He has also had the opportunity of interviewing several CEOs of oil organizations across the world as well as analyzing a significant amount of geological data. After travelling to these areas in the world, he is well equipped with information to do with investment. He understands which investment opportunity has a good future as well as those that are not worth investing.

According to Matt Badiali, the prices of oil are going to hike as fall approaches. The agreement that was made in 2015 allowed Iran to export oil to other countries. It was also free to trade with these nations. However, the United States of America pulled out of the agreement recently. As the United States pulled out of the 2015 deal, it also put sanctions on Iran that will be affected from November. The total amount of oil that Iran was exporting every day was 2.2 million barrels. Saudi Arabia, Russia, and America cannot replace this amount of oil when combined.

According to Matt Badiali, the sanctions came at the wrong time. The sanctions will make the prices of oil to go up as the primary producer of oil is failing. The production of oil in Venezuela keeps going down, and this has made the supply of oil not to meet the demand in the world. With Iran not able to export oil because of the sanctions, the market will get even tighter.

China has not admitted that it will put sanctions on Iran and if they will keep importing crude oil from Iran or not. According to Bloomberg, China has increased crude oil imports from 450,000 barrels to 806,000 barrels every day. China and America are experiencing a trade war, and if the two do not settle the conflict, then America is likely to suffer even more.

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Alastair Borthwick Accomplishments

Born in the year nineteen thirteen 17th February ,Alastair Borthwick was raised in a small town named Toon and later relocated to Glasgow. While in Glasgow, he attended Glasgow High School until the age of sixteen when he left school to work at Glasgow Herald. It was there where he was given a job as a copywriter where he wrote copies from correspondents phoning in. He was later promoted to become an editor where he edited some of the pages which were featured in the small newspaper he was working for. He worked with five other staff members who assisted in publishing the newspaper.

As per imdb.com, Alastair Borthwick also wrote articles which talked about men and children. Alastair lived in a time when recreational activities such as rock climbing and hitchhiking were considered activities of the rich people. It was when he joined “Open Air” where he was involved in hitchhiking and climbing. In addition to that, he wrote articles about the working class in Glasgow and Clydebank. Later on, he got a job at Daily Mirror but was declined by London Lifestyle. He later went back to broadcast at BBC in Glasgow. He published his first book “Always a Little Further” which was a masterpiece and is still published up to date. His book was about social change and the outdoor activities in Scotland.

Alastair Borthwick was later enrolled in the army during the second world war and was appointed as an intelligence officer of the 5th battalion. The battalion fought the Italians, Germans, Belgians, North Africans and Hollanders. It was during the war when he gained inspiration to write about the different regimes in the war. He documented it in his book which is known as “Sans Peur” which also became a masterpiece. He became a legend through leading soldiers to war against the Germans and turned out successful. Later after the war, he went back to Glasgow where he got back his job of broadcasting at BBC. He was later laid to rest on 25th September 2003. Alastair Borthwick was a prolific journalist and writer who will live to be remembered through his books which are still being published up to date.

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Sunday Riley Makes Changes To Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

There are a lot of women that like to save money. Therefore, they decide to purchase all their facial cleansers at discount stores or even the dollar store. Of course, there are some bargains at those stores. However, women in the know realize that you get what you pay for today. They discovered that splurging on a beauty product or facial cleanser s a good idea. The fact is that the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser cost more than bargain brands, but it is well worth the price. Clearly, Allure agrees. They’ve added this amazing product to their beauty box. Allure is betting that their subscription customers will really like this product created by Sunday Riley.

Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

Allure added this wonderful facial cleanser to their Allure beauty box because they like to introduce their members to some of the best beauty products that are currently available. These are products that their subscription box members might not know about. However, those that are familiar with the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser might not recognize the face wash because the container has changed drastically.

New Packaging And Formulation

Sunday Riley is an individual that listens to customers. She reformulated the brand to make sure that all her customers could use the product without any problems. She removed a number of the clay products to create a product that was more adaptable to different types of skin. For example, sensitive to normal skin. The new formulation has changed in other ways too. The once creamy cleanser is now water based with a very subtle scent of Neroli. Neroli is a gentle and wonderful essential oil that is thought a great product for the skin.

New Price Drop

There is more good news for women that like the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser. The price has been reduced. In addition, the newly reformulated product is enclosed in a brand new packaging, which is a bright blue tube. Allure subscription box members are one of the first to get their hands on this new reformulated Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser.

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Alex Hern, the Next Era Technology with Tsunami TX

Alex HernAlex Hern has been in the business for more than two decades. In his business career, he has shown an inclination towards young technology-based companies. Most recently, Hern has co-founded Tsunami XR, a company that focuses on the delivery of cloud collaboration services. Tsunami’s platform provides visually rich and, highly interactive digital work spaces. The work spaces are capable of integrating data from video conferencing to 3D and CAD content. The application has helped teams to improve on operational efficiency, design sophisticated products and, improve the morale of workers. The soft is flexible and can operate on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. It can also be used on virtual reality and augmented headsets, with a satisfactory level of security.

Alex Hern is a world-class business leader. He is an expert particularly in the areas of transformative technology in communications, SaaS, digital media, mobility and, security. Throughout his career, he has helped incubate tech-based companies in their formative stages. He jointly founded Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, where he also served as the director. The company is famous for powering the search technology for Yahoo, AOL and, MSN. Hern also co-founded Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO and, served as its director. YESM was a web directory firm dealing in the web directory and e-mail marketing. He also co-founded Military Commercial Technologies. The company was financed by L-3 Lockheed and, its main business was the commercialization of incubators. Alex Hern doubled as its chairperson and Chief Executive Officer.

Alex Hern says that the idea to establish Tsunami TX is an inspiration from the computer industry. The world is drifting from the CPU era to mobile and GPU technologies. The shift necessitates the development of appropriate software that can leverage the immense capabilities of tablets, smartphones and, personal computers. Tsunami is out to create a wonderful and exciting collaboration platform with roots in graphics technology.

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Paul Mampilly’s Noble Work at the Banyan Hill Publishing

Paul Mampilly has been one of the most respected financial advisers and an investment manager who has gained a brilliant reputation among the American people in Wall Street America. His legacy in the field has been unprecedented, and every person in the investment management industry has admired the way he does his operations. A few principles have been the primary pillars of the success of Paul Mampilly in the investment management sector. One of them has been the high integrity that he portrays in his work at the Banyan Hill Publishing. At the organization, the responsibility of Mampilly is to lay down strategies that would enable ordinary investors in the market to make rational decisions regarding their investments. This would allow them to accumulate their wealth, and as a result, they would gain the economic freedom that every citizen needs to obtain.

To ensure that the everyday investors get the best advice possible, Paul Mampilly maintains the integrity in his work by ensuring that the advice that he provides to his clients is honest and to the best of his knowledge. Preparing investment advice for the clients have not been the most straightforward task for him. This is because for anyone to come up with thoughtful insight that can impact positively on the investment decisions that they make, they have to conduct some thorough research that is required to arrive at the ultimate investment decisions.

Paul Mampilly does all this with the help of an able team of young investment managers whom he has employed and mandated them with the responsibility of conducting market research that would enable them to come up with sound advice that can be dependable and upon which the clients can rely. The team makes sure that prepare a daily analysis of the market performance in the investment sector, which helps Mampilly to develop reasonable insights regarding the expected market trends and movements in the future. After the interpretation of the data and representing it in a way that the ordinary investors can consume it, Paul Mampilly then publishes it in newsletters and other forms of publications, which he distributes to the ordinary citizens who require the acumen.

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