Bob Reina: He Is Here To Stay

Bob Reina is the type of individual that is here to stay when it comes to making positive changes in the world. Now, more than ever, the world needs more positivity and it needs more consistent individuals. Bob Reina is as consistent as they come. When he fully commits to something, it is impossible to stop him. Right now, he is on a mission to find the next big thing and also on a mission to change lives. Let’s get one thing straight: if anyone can do it, it is Bob Reina. He is built for this moment and he is built for this stage. He embraces it, he is a leader, and he goes after it with no second-guessing.


When he talks about looking for the next big thing, it is a big reason why Talk Fusion is such a successful company. They are always looking for ways to innovate, improve, and change things up. They are never just satisfied with the way things are, as they are looking to expand, grow, and be the best they can be, day in and day out. It is the name of the game for them, and it is why people have come to rely on them, trust them, and use them for all of their video needs. They know this is a company that has its head on straight and follows through with their mission.


All anyone needs to do is read an interview with Bob Reina. When they read an interview with Bob Reina, it does not take long to realize he is for real. He is a very well-spoken individual with plenty of heart, passion, and courage to go along with it. It takes courage to start up a company, go after it, and really make sure it runs smoothly.


It also takes courage to go out there and say things about being on a mission to change lives. People have that in writing and they are going to hold you to that. It is Bob Reina’s way of putting all of the pressure on himself, which is the way he likes it. Learn more:


Clay Siegall: His Influence, His Legacy

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression, few people will ever get the chance to do so. Brilliant minded individuals work in every industry on earth. For cancer research, there is one guy that sticks out like a sore thumb, and his name is Clay Siegall. Siegall is a talented individual as well as an accomplished one. The guy has literally written 70 publications, and he’s the holder of about 15 patents. If you have no clue to who he truly is, just know that Siegall is one of the most prominent names in the fight against cancer.

Seattle Genetics of Bothell, Washington, is a premier biotech company that specializes in commercializing and developing antibody-based therapies. These advanced medicines are far superior than the cancer medicines of the past thanks to their delivery system. Antibody-Drug Conjugates are a form of antibody-based therapy, and these medicines attack cancerous cells inside the human body. Unlike past drugs, antibody-drug conjugates deliver a powerful cell-killing blow without making the patient sick. This is proprietary technology that hasn’t been seen before and as of today, these medicines have brought in over $350 million in earnings for the company. Seattle Genetics just so happens to be run by Clay Siegall, and his influence is all over the products. Siegall is also the company’s CEO, president and founder, which dates back to 1998.

Blogging is something Siegall does in his free time, and he takes full advantage of the different avenues for releasing beneficial information. This is a time where he speaks on a variety of other topics like politics, science and sports. Siegall has recently talked about some of the newer drugs that Seattle Genetics has in its pipeline and what can be expected in the future. All bases are being covered at each and every blog post.

The legacy of Clay Siegal is a supreme legacy that most people can’t obtain. Luckily, he’s using his knowledge and hard work to better mankind and society. Though he’s been in the business for quite sometime, Dr. Clay Siegall’s legacy is still being prepared.

Sheldon Lavin – CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC. OSI Group is an International Food company that supplies food to companies all over the world. Lavin is also the president of OSI International Foods LTD. He is dedicated and committed to actively remaining involved in the company’s operations and development. Lavin has been working in the industry since 1970 and has many years of experience involving the financial aspects of the business along with the workflow. Otto & Sons eventually acquired and developed into OSI Group. At the time of transition, Lavin was responsible for the leadership vision of OSI Group, and it quickly grew into an international company that works with many different types of food businesses. Currently, OSI has over 60 different stores in 60 different countries. Lavin works collectively with many businesses to allow the business to thrive and develop further.

Lavin has achieved many different awards throughout his career in the industry. One reward that holds dear to his heart is the Global Visionary Award which represents the international business and the job growth throughout the surrounding countries. The award was presented to him on February 20th, 2016. He is honored to hold such a prestigious award and is proud of the commitment he’s established throughout the years. He has spent the majority of his life dedicated to the business and the welfare of the employees. He will continue to proudly commit to working towards enhancements and growth for the future of the company.

His hopes for the future of the company rely solely on the many years that he has applied to the growth of the company. While the company has received many environment and sustainability rewards under Lavin’s care, he can only hope that the future executives will lead the business as he has. He hopes that his success and way of operating the business will inspire the next group of corporate leaders.

Lavin doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon, however, he still finds himself working towards the day he will hand off his duties. In the meantime, he continues to build the business into a solid foundation and remains involved in many charitable events. He has worked with the Ronald McDonald House Charities as well as many other foundations that work towards giving back to the community. His greatest accomplishments include raising his three children with his wife and having a positive impact in society.

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Bradesco’s Takeover Of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian Banking System And How Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helped

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the President of Banco Bradesco, the second-largest financial institution in the fifth-most populated country in the world, Brazil. Bradesco is located within São Paulo’s metropolitan region, Osasco, specifically in the neighborhood of Cidade de Deus. Mr. Traubuco has worked for Bradesco for many years, since taking a position as bank teller way back in 1969. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is best known for leading Bradesco to purchase HSBC bank’s Brazilian assets, one of the most expensive transactions in Brazil’s commercial history, valued at an impressive $5.2 billion.

Mr. Trabuco attended college for his undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Sciences, and Letters at the University of São Paulo, immediately after earning a graduate degree in Sociopsychology from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo. Luiz Carlos Trabuco bounced around in countless positions at Bradesco before becoming President in 2009, including Director of Marketing, Executive Director of Bradesco’s pension subsidiary, and full-fledged President of its insurance group.

While many people have lived long enough to accomplish things that look great on paper, only truly successful people – or lucky, I suppose – win an award or accolade in their lifetime. However, luck will never win multiple national awards, of which Luiz Carlos Trabuco has won at least eight. Mr. Trabuco’s first award came in 2006, along with two others, making 2006 the most fruitful year, in relation to winning awards, of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s lengthy career at Bradesco.

His first award of that high-yield year eleven years ago came from the Gazette Mercantil Business Leaders Forum, where Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named the Business Sector Leader in the insurance and pension plan division. Just weeks after that initial award, which was also the first major accolade of his then 40-year-long career, Mr. Trabuco received the Personalidade Empresarial de Seguros (very roughly equating to “business personality of insurance” in the English language) on behalf of the Association of Sales and Marketing Directors of Brazil. His third and final award of 2006 came in the form of an accolade he’d earn again the following year, Insurance Personality of the Year.

The two most prominent awards Luiz Carlos Trabuco won throughout his career weren’t any of the three mentioned in the above paragraph, although were arguably more important and nationally recognized. In 2009, Mr. Trabuco was added to the list of 100 Most Influential Brazilians born, raised, and actually living in the South American country of Brazil. Six years later, the popular financial markets news media source, specifically focusing on publishing magazines with very high-volume circulations throughout Brazil, the entire continent of South America, and Latin American countries. Isto É Dinheiro named Luiz Carlos Trabuco the Entrepreneur of the Year in Brazil’s world of finance, due almost entirely to Banco Bradesco’s 5.2 billion dollar purchase of HSBC’s physical assets and related goodwill throughout Brazil, firmly securing Bradesco’s spot as the second-largest bank in the country of Brazil, which also holds in excess of 200,000,000 people, making it larger than every country in the world outside of China, India, the United States of America, and Indonesia.

Another one of the virtually innumerable accomplishments by Luiz Carlos Trabuco include his, alongside the employees at his bank, creation of what’s now known as Unibrad, a corporate university that exclusively educates the employees of Bradesco. Unibrad offers personalized courses for newcomers and existing employees that must adhere to annual continuing education requirements to maintain their positions within the financial institution’s ranks. Being as outstandingly successful as the in-house corporate university is, Unibrad has actually been named Best Corporate University by the GlobalCCU Awards, whose sole purpose is to evaluate, criticize, and rank these kinds of universities.

How Fabletics is beating Competition by using Review-Centric Marketing

Competition among businesses offering consumer brands is at an all-time high. Companies are engaged in cut-throat competition for customers. Some companies such as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics have embraced ingenious marketing strategies to increase their sales. Consumers no longer trust traditional marketing techniques, but they rely on reviews about a product made by other customers who have purchased the product. In light of this new consumer trend, companies are shifting to review-centric marketing, also known as the crowd.

The internet has revolutionized marketing. Many companies use the internet to reach their customers. They are various ways a company can market itself on the internet, but marketing experts agree one fact: review centric approach is among the most effective internet marketing strategies. With that said, businesses have the task of ensuring that reviews on their products are positive and that their presence on the web is high-reaching. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has a website that customers can view various products and shop. The presence of Kate Hudson on Fabletics’ website as one of the models marketing Fabletics’ product is a form of product review to many consumers. Kate is an iconic actress admired by both genders; she a prominent person and if she uses the company’s products, then the products must be of high standard.

How has review-centric marketing worked for Fabletics? Fabletics was founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. As at present, the company is soaring. Its revenues, growth, and paying members have increased markedly. For instance, the number of paying members present on the company’s membership list has crossed over a million mark, its revenues have surpassed $235 million, and its expansion is stated at 200%.

Reviews are important to consumers and companies alike. Positive reviews for a business increase sales, improve customer loyalty and increase customer retention. Research firm L2 indicates that 76% of companies, Fabletics included, embed user reviews on their websites. The same study suggested that businesses that feature reviews on their websites have grown by over 70% since 2014. For customers, reviews bear all the information that they need to make a purchase or decline. According to a BrightLocal study, 84% of buyers trust online reviews. Smart brands such as Fabletics have understood the power of reviews, and they leverage it.

Kate is a renowned actor. Apart from being the co-founder of Fabletics, she has engaged in numerous promotion drives to promote the products offered by her company. Last year, Kate hosted an event that encouraged the collaboration of Fabletics with Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato is a prominent figure and is likely to boost the reputation of the company. Kate has been involved in running some of the operations of the enterprise, for example, she participates in the design of Fabletics activewear.

Kate’s demeanor has been lauded by many people including Fabletics president, Gregg Throgmartin. Throgmartin describes Kate as approachable and with an active lifestyle. The president goes on to describe Kate as one who follows a course only if she believes in it.

Rodrigo Terpins: Off Road Professional And Businessman

Rodrigo Terpins is a successful entrepreneur who has taken his love for the sport and turned it into a business. Terpins has always been a lover of sports and ever since a young age played all kinds of them. One of his earliest sports ventures was when he played basketball in the sixties. He took part in various nationwide championships and sports events that were taking place throughout Brazil. Today, Terpins has used his love for sports to make a name for himself. He is extremely successful and is one of the top most people in his field.

Jack Terpins, who is Rodrigo Terpins’ father has always been one for enforcing a sports culture in the youth community. He actively supports institutions that are helping the younger generation get more inculcated into sports and has also worked at organizations like these, training the younger people who come to these places. This imprinted onto his son Rodrigo, which is why he has such an incredible passion for sports.

Rodrigo Terpins has always been someone who believed in hard work and dedication. He has always tried to put his best foot forward at whatever profession endeavor he embarks on, which is also why he has become so hugely successful.

Off road events are one of the main things that Terpins indulges in. He actively travels throughout the country to take part in various competitions and events with regards to this. He is a professional competitor, who has won numerous awards and championships through the course of his career. Check out comunique-se for more.

One of the most recent events that Terpins took part in was the Sertoes Rally. This event was one of the biggest off road events in the entire country. The event saw hundreds of people and advertisers coming in to watch the event and cheer on their favorites. Terpins also had a huge fan following present, and he finished eighth among a total of thirty-eight competitors. After the event, Terpins spoke about it and his experience on the track. He stated that the event was a pleasant experience. Terpins gave his best at the event, just like he does with every venture that he takes on. Visit reportermaceio for more info.

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Eric Pulier’s Insight Into the Tech Industry

Eric Pulier is the founder of Digital Evolution as well as the XPrize Foundation. Those two start ups alone would give him sizable clout within tech industry but they are far from his only impacts upon the industry. As a Harvard graduate and someone who leaped into the tech field in the early ’90s Pulier has both the qualifications and the experiences to speak from authority regarding life as an entrepreneur in the tech field. Pulier’s expertise is crafted and focused in a meticulous way and now future entrepreneurs get to profit from it.

Starting out as a digital whiz kid in the ’90s was much different than it is today. To start with, the very way that we functionally communicated was different back then. Pulier had to work twice as hard to get attention for the products. There were no social media platforms or digital media packages. It was all about getting your product out to the people by way of word of mouth. This early experience, particular with Digital Evolution in 1994, gave Pulier the sort of stamina and outlook he needed to endure the rough spots during his time as an entrepreneur. Pulier says, “Word of mouth was crucial to growing my initial team and finding customers to serve in the tech field.”

Now, Pulier is focused on investing as a venture capitalist. He is always looking for the next company to make a difference with and, in fact, it is that search that he finds so rewarding. Pulier says, “I enjoy the process of mentoring my new entrepreneurs very much.” Pulier goes on to explain that in his initial companies he put his own money on the line and that has given him the kind of outlook required to separate companies worth investing and worth passing on. He goes on to say that when he isn’t investing he is still trying to hub his own concepts: “I also do not cut corners in the process of developing new ideas.” Eric Pulier’s work has continued to gain critical and financial success and we’ll eagerly watch him in the future.

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As a young person, Sheldon Lavin had a dream and vision of being in a business that he owned. It is this dream that led him to pursue accounting and finance and his dream has since come to be. Lavin is currently the CEO of OSI Group and is also the president of OSI International Foods Ltd.
OSI Group is a global supplier of value added food products and is one of the world’s largest privately held companies in the US. The company produces and also sells products such as meat patties, bacon,fish, pizza, vegetables, and desserts. OSI has more than 70 facilities in 17 countries with a total number of employees of about 20, 000. They are focused on producing quality custom food products and availing their products close to any part of the world.

Lavin’s journey began back in 1970 when he got involved in financing the Otto and Sons which later developed to the present OSI Group. Under his vision, OSI Group has since grown from a domestic food processing company to global food dealer. It is his continued involvement with Otto and Sons that led to his owning the company later. His journey in the food industry is worth admiration since he has remained focus and still dreams on further expansion.

At the age of 81, Lavin who is the father of three was presented with a Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy on February 20, 2016. This was in honor of his efforts in bringing OSI Group to the international scene and contributing to worldwide growth. OSI Group had been listed number 66 in the world’s top 100 Food and Beverage Company to learn more: click here.

In 2015, Lavin was honored for his dedicated service towards the Chicago community and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP. He was also commended for his charitable works. He is the trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Lavin prides in his ability to raise his three children and oversee the growth of OSI Group while at the same time giving back to the community.

Madison Street Capital Sets To Boost Sterling Packaging Equity Facility

Madison Capital, a renowned international banking, and investment firm took a major role as the financial advisors in arranging for the equity investment plan for its esteemed client, the Sterling package. Sterling packaging is a world known manufacturer of folding cartons that are used throughout Canada as well as in the United States. Learn more:


Druid capital partners offered the equity facility. The Madison capital CEO, Charles Botchway announced the transaction earlier today. This deal was led by the managing director of Madison capital, Jay Rodgers. He said that Sterling packaging team led by the famous founders Debbie Hickson and Jim had done the best work in building a scale venture with products. Jay Rodgers also said that the clients and customer of the Sterling packaging should benefit significantly from the expansions which will be done with the Druid capital partner’s financial backing.


The Druid partner managing director, Martin Holt, stated that the entire company team was excited to sign a partnership with the Hickson. He also added that Debbie and Jim are extremely hardworking entrepreneurs who have brought a substantial value to their company as well as to their children. The director also thanked the Capital for arranging for such a transaction between the Sterling and the Druid. Learn more:


About Madison Capital


Madison Street Capital is a banking investment company that is known for providing financial advisory provisions, which was founded in the year 2005. The company provides acquisition and mergers, reorganization, restructuring, buy out, bankruptcy as well as private placement super advisory services. In additionally the firm offers goodwill, business, and intangible assets, along with solvency and fairness opinion services to its esteemed clients which has achieved a good Madison Street Capital reputation.


Madison as well believes in building everlasting strong business relationship among business communities. Through its dedication and philanthropic work on the emerging and growing markets, the firm works diligently to make a significant difference in the local and in the whole world as a whole. The company is also known for its vast experienced professionals who have the ability to serve different clients uniquely according to their prevailing situations. Learn more:


Through helping different kinds of clients, the company understands each client is unique and has different demands in every venture. It thus offers diverse kind of services to its diverse clients. This makes the company the most outstanding financial advisory firm in the globe. The firm has extensive knowledge and experience in matching the buyers to the appropriate sellers as well as sellers to the appropriate buyers. Hence matching each capitalization and financing structure to its client unique situation.


Greg Secker Highlights the Path to Successful Forex Trading

As the inflation keeps rearing its ugly head into today’s society, many people see the need of finding new investment options to stay afloat during these harsh economic times. The forex, otherwise known as the foreign exchange market, is such an investment option that Greg Secker advises most investors to venture into. Despite the complexities found in this trading option, this venture has proved to be quite profitable to numerous investors, especially for international speaker and foreign exchange specialist, Greg Secker.

The most brilliant thing about the foreign exchange market is that you do not have to start with a large investment. With that initial small investment, it is possible to reap huge profits, but depending on your trading strategy, of course. If you have the proper strategy for risk investment then surely without a doubt forex trading I the right investment option for you. Also with the right forex indicator, it becomes quite easy for one to monitor his trading habits and keep track of the profitable trading choices. There are many indicators, and although there is no best indicator, generally it is ideal to find the right forex indicator that works especially for you.

Although forex trading comes along with its many challenges, it is safe to say that with the right knowledge and bit of experience you are on the right way to becoming a successful trader. Some of the tips that Mr. Secker shares for successful trading include having a firm grasp on the basics, finding a mentor you can emulate, sticking to a trading strategy that best fits you and alienating emotions from your trades.

Having reached multi-millionaire status in his twenties, Greg Secker is a renowned business man, international speaker, and philanthropist. He is responsible for one of the largest trading companies in Europe that have helped millions of people reach their financial goals. Born and raised in Norfolk England, Mr. Secker undertook Agriculture and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham.

Greg Secker has received quite a lot of media attention, especially since he is an international speaker who teaches individuals about financial trading. Aside from his various initiatives, including Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust, he is also a published author with books such as, “Financial Freedom through Forex” and “Trading Your Way to Success.”