Papa John’s is looking to make some big changes in their business and Steve Ritchie, the new chief executive has already gotten to work. He recently took a cross-country trip to different franchises in areas like Chicago and Dallas to hear directly from their team what needed to be done in the company. The conversations that Steve Ritchie had with owners and employees of Papa John’s struck deep and were sometimes very difficult to hear.

Steve Ritchie knows that Papa John’s may have a long road ahead of them in order to gain back the trust of their millions of customers, but it’s absolutely worth it. People Are Always Priority at Papa John’s and Steve Ritchie plans on implementing this idea as much as he can. Hearing the stories from the people who make Papa John’s tick every single day gave Steve Ritchie some valuable insight into what the company needed to move forward. The company is also working on its diversity training.

Papa John’s couldn’t exist without its group of dedicated employees or its customers. Steve Ritchie knows that he needs to make sure that the ideas of everyone are heard and understood in order for Papa John’s to be able to achieve the type of change that he is hoping for. He wants to do what he can so Papa John’s can start fresh and rebuild the brand from the ground up. Read Ritchie’s open letter here.

The employees at Papa John’s franchises are many times like a big family to the owner’s and management of the stores. They know that they are bigger than just a company and one person’s decisions. These people that are part of Papa John’s are also important members of their surrounding communities that are actively involved in local charities and educational efforts.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s wants to make sure that Papa John’s is fully rooted in their purpose as they make strides forward to make the brand better. Moving forward from the past isn’t just about making promises, it’s about taking all of the actions that are needed to keep them. Papa John’s is made up of a team of drivers, cashiers, cooks, and more and each one of them is an integral part of keeping the business running.


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