A woman with fine hair gave her account of her experimental use of Wen Cleansing Conditioner sold by the popular hair care company, WEN by Chaz Dean. She had seen infomercial about how this hair care product and was curious to see if she could get the same results as the models in the videos seemed to have.

She tried the Cleansing Conditioner on her hair while showering. The amount of the product the label recommended was much more than she was used to applying with other brands of hair conditioner on Amazon. But, she dutifully applied the medium range recommended for her hair length. Her intention was to see if she could achieve the same results as the models showed on her television. 

After 7 days of using the Wen by Chaz product every day, she concluded that the Cleansing Conditioner is a great product for women with fine hair like hers. She experienced no hair loss, but noted that it became clear that she had to use the product daily to get the fuller more luxurious hair she desired. So, she will be using the product in the future to get fuller feeling and shinier hair. This story was published on Bustle.

In Hollywood, Chaz Dean is a very successful and quite popular hair stylist. Many of the biggest celebrities love his hair inventions. He is a very private person who was born in Canada thirty-something years ago. It is not only his personal styling for the stars of Hollywood that he is famous for. He also produces a number of hair care products. He is constantly inventing and innovating both in styling hair and in his product line.

 His line of products also features different shampoos as well as conditioners. They are very popular with his many customers, as evidenced by his very wealthy lifestyle. He is known as a very generous and a kind man with a humble heart, even though he is fabulously successful. He is well built and handsome. His parents are quite proud of his resounding success.