Avanca Indiegogo used NewsWatch TV two different times to promote their products. Through a one minute segment on NewsWatch TV, Avanca proceeded to exceed their goal of $10,000 for their “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC” by 2,393%. Nathalie van Wijkvliet, the Avanca Marketing Director, states how Avanca “would highly recommend working with NewsWatch TV”. This statement is justified by the results Avanca has had working with NewsWatch TV in promoting both their products. NewsWatch TV reviews and the Avanca segment reached over 96 million households and the online campaign received over 1 million impressions! Needless to say, Avanca could not have asked for a better outcome for the Ockel pocket PC or their wireless headphones when it came to choosing a trustworthy and well-known company to advertise for them.

NewsWatch TV is a television show and online website that features segments mainly on technology and entertainment. The company began in 1990, focusing mainly on financial issues, and has had over 1,000 episodes as of 2018 on various topics such has celebrity interviews, mobile app reviews, and consumer news. In 2017, NewsWatch TV won a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award and the national Videographer Award in recognition of their 30-minute television show. Over the years, NewsWatch TV has evolved their segments to relate to their consumers and give viewers content that they can trust and respect.

In 2011 to 2012, NewsWatch TV started to focus more on technology and mobile apps because of the recognition that new types of technology and mobile devices were receiving. New celebrity appearances helped gain them more consumer views from a wider crowd. Since there are many different topics that NewsWatch TV covers, the consumer crowd has grown and continues to grow and stay engaged.


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