RWS provides services to retailers centered around certain independent durable goods. Sellers like RWS bring the public things like furniture, appliances, and mattresses. In short, the purchases are somewhat larger in scale than others, and so the demographic can be primarily a solid one.
On August 23rd, 2016, Retailer Web Services (RWS) announced their new software WebFronts Review. This software has been developed partially based on a consumer survey which was conducted among a group of 1,400+ participants. The survey concerned buying habits based on the information which consumers gleaned from reviews of products by other consumers. From that research six best practices were developed by RWS, which will be explored.

The best practices used for this demographic rely in a high quotient of review sharing. Basically, Monitoring, Alerting, Responding, Soliciting, Showcasing and Sharing is the process around which WebFronts Review has been developed. When online reviews from multiple websites can be monitored from a single location, it’s easy to alert users that a new review–positive or negative–has been produced. From there, responses can be sent out either automatically or directly. There are templates for such responses designed to streamline response time, as well as that spent composing an answer to a good or bad review. Solicitation comes in the form of actionable feedback requested either from negative or positive reviewers. Negative reviewers are encouraged to say what they disliked. Should that be something fixable, a company can fix it. Positive reviewers are prompted to say what they did like, and which aspects of products actually worked. When a positive review is gained, it should be showcased on the main website of the company; and this shouldn’t be an hours-long process, but the click of a mouse. Additionally, good review is a good way to Brand Yourself and should be shared on social media so disparate consumers and long-time regulars can be made aware.

Using these best practices, RWS has designed a new software which is part of an increasingly integral quotient of retail operations in modernity. Protecting reputation through cogent online marketing and management really can’t be understated in today’s world, and opting out of such programs isn’t an option anymore.


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