Sergio Cortes is a successful doctor who is going to make it easier for you to finally understand the dangers of different horrible diseases like Zika Virus. This horrible virus all began many years ago in many different African countries, but it wasn’t until several different countries later on discovered that it is eventually reaching more people. The truth is that this disease is definitely on the minds of many people as it continues to spread without anybody realizing what it is and how it can affect everybody who may end up dealing with it.
The Zika Virus is very similar to a dengue. It is basically a mosquito that contracts these horrible diseases that can be brought onto other people when bitten. They usually like to stay around places with lots of water to lay plenty of their eggs. They have the ability to have eggs in dry place stay put and begin to grow once it is contracted with water.

This disease usually can end up with a person potentially feeling paralyzed depending on the situation. It is usually the pregnant women who are at the most risk, as it can truly hurt the baby as it begins to grow. The one thing not many people seem to be understanding is the fact that this horrible thing is not entirely dangerous to go through. In fact, there is very minimal side effects or symptoms to be experienced if you do contract this virus. The only downside is that it can eventually connect you to other horrible syndromes, and those can be threatening to you and to your children if you are pregnant. There are many doctors like Dr. Sergio Cortes who is trying to consistently come up with and provide cures and other programs to help those with this disease.

Dr. Sergio Cortes has worked so hard over the past few years to try and discover the right solution and also help those dealing with this to avoid future symptoms and other horrible experiences. Sergio knows first hand that this virus can affect anybody’s overall health, but it is definitely the young kids and plenty of pregnant women who are mostly at risk and may potentially deal with symptoms. It is vital to be cared for by having a vaccination to strengthen the immune system.

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