Shah Sanjay Began his career at KPMG working in London working as an Accountant attached at an entry level position and later moved work at Merrill Lynch, an investment bank and then moved to Morgan Stanley. He served in the management position in Morgan before turning out of employment sector to start his company Solo Capital in 2009. Shah from his school days knew how to manage his part-time well and after founding his firm he gave most of his time in the daily management of Solo Capital.
Shah Sanjay is born of immigrant Parents from Kenya, but he was raised in London. He got married to Usha and had three Children, Nikhil their youngest Son started to develop mischievous behavior at the age of four years. The family thought the condition was normal just like any other illness, but it becomes frequent and consistent. They rushed Nikhil to Dubai Hospital where Doctors did not realize the real cause of his problem, but the boy immediately undertook intravenous fluid replacement. Nikhil condition worsened he was transferred to Portland Hospital and got diagnosed with Autism. Shah family devoted much of their time to Nikhil to show affection that led to Sanjay relegate his daily management of Solo Shah. Shah was advised by Doctors to hire a physiotherapist for the period of five years for Nikhil.
Shah Philanthropist work started early due to his big heart for the Vulnerable and underprivileged Children by sending to donations to children in India through Plan International. Due to the illness of Nikhil, Shah established a foundation called Autism Rocks with an ambition of promoting awareness about Autism and early detection in Children. Autism Rocks helps other firms and individual in carrying out research about Autism in Children through providing funds. The awareness message is driven to people by use of musical concerts and charitable events that members of the public are a call to support through donations. Most of the funds come to Shah Sanjay, who is the President and founder of Autism Rocks. The Foundation is based in London with offices in Dubai.
Shah Sanjay is the founder and President of Solo Capital Markets and other many firms across the United Kingdom. Solo Capital Partners is regulated by Solo Group holding which is further owned by Aesa S.a.r.l. Solo Holding Group Controls the operations of British Virgins Island, Malta and The Cayman Islands and recently Solo Capital Markets purchased Old Park Lane Capital, which is under the ownership of Shah Sanjay.


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