How could any of us have missed the television commercials for WEN by Chaz Dean? The models with the flowing manes, rich with color, tangle free and silky looked almost too good to be true.
We have been conditioned to believe that ramping up the hair to such finesse requires a multitude of products. Hair magician Chaz Dean has been able to pull off the same effect with just one product. This product doesn’t push and pull the hair either which way, it repairs the hair and allows it to shine from within.

Bustle writer Emily McClure trial tested the product for all those doubters out there who would trust a first hand account. Along with descriptions of how the product change her hair she also included photos so readers could see the difference in her hair with their own eyes.

It is easy to see through the progression of photographs that Emily’s hair did drastically change with the use of WEN cleansing conditioner. The natural botanical oils in the cleansing conditioner kept her own natural hair oils intact and added moisture and a mega watt shine. Emily felt that her hair was heavy at first but only because she was used to very lathering and stripping shampoos. This effect was felt not right after washing but after sleeping on her hair, so she simply changed her washing routine to the morning instead of before bed.

Overall Emily’s experience with Wen took some getting used to. She felt as if she were using a lot of product at once in her hair per cleansing session. However, it also ended up being that she streamlined her washing routine and did not need to use as many products to get her hair where WEN did with just the one product. Learn more about Wen, visit Need Wen? Order online today, check their products on or purchase it directly from Sephora cosmetics.