Shoe Carnival, a leading retailer that deals with footwear and accessories from the United States, has entered into a business agreement with Slyce Inc. from Canada. Under the agreement, the visual search platform will provide Shoe Carnival with a new and innovative image recognition technology. The automated 3D product will allow mobile visitors to the company’s website,, to access all their products easily using pictures and photos.

The innovative technology allows visitors to take a picture of an item and they will be presented with a number of close options to choose from. They can then decide which product to purchase. What is amazing about this new product from Slyce is that, it can take snapshots of either real world items or other printed sources like magazines. In addition, it supports 3D technology making the process easy and convenient.

The process of making a purchase has also been made easy since it is only a few clicks away. The fact that this software allows people to search for exactly what they want has made it appealing to many users who value its user friendly approach. Slyce CEO, Mark Elfenbein, has expressed his delight at the deployment of the new 3D mobile technology with Shoe Carnival.

Shoe Carnival’s ecommerce VP said that the company was excited to launch the new mobile visual search product and assured customers that mobile was a big part of its multi-channel marketing strategy. He also said that Shoe Carnival is always looking for new ways to innovate their products and service offering. The company has 400 stores that operate in 34 states of America.


Slyce is a Toronto, Ontario, based company. It delivers high tech image recognition technologies that are used to support powerful sales. The technologies are mostly used by modern retailers and customers to make online search easy and convenient. The technology can be used by customers to search for products that they desire to buy. They can simply take a picture of the product and then the app will search its large database of photos and images to come up with the closest option that the customer requires. They can then make a purchase order.

Slyce delivers all its products as either white-label platform that supports visual search as well as consumer mobile apps. The technology is used by many large retailers like Tilly’s, Urban Outfitters, Home Depot and Neiman Marcus. The company’s revenue stream comes from fees charged for integration, software licensing, program promotions and purchase transactions.