Southbridge Capital is a financial solutions company based out of Connecticut. They offer their financial solutions to a diverse group of people who are experiencing the negative effects of debt.


Debt has a far-reaching impact on the people of the United States. In fact, research suggests that citizens of the United States experienced more debt than citizens of any other developed country. Debt can serve as a stressor that triggers mental illness and often leads to depression and anxiety. But Southbridge Capital is here to help.


This may explain why millennials are self-reporting the highest levels of depression and anxiety in decades. Many young people are finding it hard to keep their heads above water financially in a world of income inequality and shrinking economic opportunities. Southbridge Capital can help anyone with their debt solutions. For more details visit LinkedIn.


This debt solutions service also extends to corporations. Southbridge Capital has extensive experience with corporate financial solutions and they charge extremely reasonable fees. The financial solutions company does this by redefining the structure of a corporation in order to shed off some financial liabilities.


Southridge Capital has been financing firms for more than 20 years. They have worked with more than 250 public firms and has made their work public through a Twitter account. The company started its Twitter account in 2010 to give the public financial advice. You can follow their twitter account to see any upcoming deals pertaining to equity, local programs and nonprofit organizations.


The staff at Southbridge Capital can help a corporation through bankruptcy. They are also incredibly skilled at improving a company’s balance sheet as well as guiding corporations through mergers and acquisitions. Southridge offers the perfect financial solutions to any company, big or small, in the United States. And companies will be pleasantly surprised at Southbridge Capital’s affordability.


Individuals and companies can take advantage of Southbridge Capitals incredible credit strengthening programs. They are also proficient in securitization and reorganizing financial structures. And it’s all headed up by Stephen Hicks who is responsible for the strategic concepts for his firm. Hicks is surrounded by a strong list of corporate peers.



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