1996 was a big year for Stephen Hicks. He had seen previous success working in the hedge fund industry of New York City but wanted to make a go of it all on his own. It was during that year that he gained the opportunity to follow his instincts and found Southridge Capital. Since that time, he has served Southridge Capital in the roles of principal and also CEO. As part of his duties, he manages over a truly impressive investment portfolio while managing the overall business development needed to keep Southridge Capital continuing down a path of innovation. Being able to maintain the highest standards in terms of commitment to clients is a critical skill when working in the financial industry and Stephen Hicks has built Southridge Capital to be able to consistently deliver on this.


The fact is that Southridge Capital has helped countless people since first opening its doors in 1996. That commitment to clients is what has made it work. Debt problems can be one of the most significant issues that people face these days. It can be a significant drain on personal happiness. Southridge Capital has been there to help for so many people over the last twenty plus years.  You can checkout crunchbase.com for more info.



A typical day in the life of the Southridge founder Stephen Hicks includes a thorough review of the portfolio as it stands on that particular day. He also makes sure to prioritize items that must be accomplished on that particular day and then communicate this to the members of his team. With a solid foundation of organization in place, Stephen Hicks is also able to consistently bring new and innovative thinking to the forefront. This has been a successful strategy he has used over the last couple decades that he has spent building up Southridge Capital. For more details you can visit bloomberg.com



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