Steve Ritchie is the new CEO of Papa John’s, a giant pizza company based in the United States. Some recent developments that took place were not so amusing to Papa John’s customers’, employees, and the society at large hence Steve apologized for the company’s failure. He announced some plans that were underway to make up for what had happened.

Steve Ritchie pointed out that the company would introduce experts from outside the company whose main work will be to assess the company’s social influence on its employees and customers. They are to come up with plans to better the impact. He also mentioned that his team of overseers will have a period where they reach out to the lowest rank of employees and give ear to their grievances. He promised that nothing would be left to chance concerning misunderstandings between the workers in a bid to look for a way forward.

The new CEO took up the responsibility as a wise leader to apologize for the company’s past mistakes. He understands that this is essential for the healing process of the workers and the overall rebuilding of the company’s name and image restoring it to its former glory. An important thing he pointed out was that Papa John’s is not a property of a sole individual but a structure that depends on thousands of people for its daily progress.

Papa John’s has 120, 000 employees and franchise workers worldwide since it is not just operational in the United States but also has thousands of business deals from around the world. Steve Ritchie mentioned in his apology letter that these workers have diverse backgrounds and that it is crucial for everyone to respect everyone else’s culture without the consideration of their origin. Steve stressed that any individual worker behaving wrongly towards their fellow workers or clients due to their background would be dealt with accordingly.

The last vital item in Steve’s letter showed gratitude for the employees as well as the clients’ loyalty to Papa John’s. Steve encouraged them to continue to offer their support to the company to ensure that the pizza company has regained its previous momentum in the food industry.

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