Ted Bauman Has An Unusual Background For An Expert Economist

These days, Ted Bauman is one of the leading authors on Banyan Hill Publishing with more than one hundred thousands investors tuning in to read the latest strategies and information that Ted has written for the week. Ted’s subscription base is among the largest on the Banyan Hill platform and it still continues to grow today. Ted Bauman has a very wide range of knowledge in the financial industry and is officially an economist. While the majority of his work revolves around being an editor for Banyan Hill, Ted still does a ton of research each and every day to keep himself and his readers on the top of their game.

Throughout his career, Ted has served in many positions for non-profit organizations and has spent a lot of time in the financial department as a manager. His time at Slum Dwellers International allowed him to see the financial aspect of business on a broader scale and his travels allowed him to see the various changes in the market from one economy to the next

Ted Bauman was in fact born in the United States, growing up in Maryland with a normal childhood. However, many are surprised to learn that Ted actually studied abroad in South Africa and spent more than 20 years of his life there before becoming a dedicated financial advisor. Not only did ted build up his knowledge of the financial industry during his time at nonprofit organizations, but he developed a sense of understanding about how easily people were controlled and repressed.

By focusing his efforts on research and informing investors through Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman can do some good and shed some light to the public on how they can improve their financial status and futures. Ted joined up with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and he has plans to stop spreading his knowledge anytime soon.