Talk Fusion recently received the award as the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year. It was given to the company by TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation) for its excellent innovation. The reward is typically given to companies who make big changes or create an entirely new product. The product was launched in March of 2016. It allows users to chat face to face in real time using the new WebRTC technology. It can be downloaded on the app stores on Google and Apple devices, among others.

It is currently very popular and near the top of the charts worldwide due to its ease of use and groundbreaking features. In fact, this is the second award this year that Talk Fusion received from the Technology Marketing Corporation. It proves a track record of success, says their CTO, while also tying into their larger goals for changing the world.

The fact is that Talk Fusion’s Video Chat app is not just a video communication tool. It is changing the lives of people everywhere. First of all, the representatives live in many countries where other jobs are hard to come by. The payment system is instant, meaning they can access their money when they make a direct sale.

Secondly, you can try out the technology for free for 30 days, which is how generous the startup is being. This lets you see all of the features they are promoting. And the proceeds from regular payments go toward amazing causes all around the world. This is thanks to the CEO’s visionary leadership. He insists that the company is ethical and gives back to the community even as it grows. This includes giving to charities, animal rights groups, and helping children in orphanages have enough to eat.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. He was working as a police officer at the time. He innovated a way to send videos embedded in emails. When his IT friend and expert chipped in, they were able to take the app larger.

Soon, people all over the world were demanding the ability to use it. It has grown rapidly since then. Now they are in 140 countries.

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