In recent years, smartphones and technology have completely taken over our world. The combination of these two powerful things has transformed our daily lives, from the way we communicate with one another, to the way we shop and pay bills. So, it should come as no surprise that business is looking for ways to expand their digital service offerings to meet the needs of the tech-minded consumer.

Talkspace is one of the many organizations using the internet to transform the lives of others. Seeking help and treatment for mental health issues has long been stigmatized. The shame and misconceptions often placed around these conditions make it less likely for those who are affected to reach out. Talkspace offers a way for those individuals to seek help, right from the privacy and comfort of their own home. Users can choose from a variety of options like video and phone calls, or text-based service. With more than 1,000 licensed professionals trained in a variety of different areas, Talkspace has an option for everyone.

The organization’s unique approach to mental health treatment has received the attention of Magellan Health, one of the most successful health organizations in the United States. The company recently announced their collaboration with Talkspace. Soon, Magellan’s clients will have access to on-demand therapy provided through the Talkspace platform.

With Talkspace, anyone can access treatment without ever leaving their homes. Their extensive, nationwide network of licensed therapist has more than 3,000 hours of clinical experience and are committed to providing unbiased support to Talkspace users. To help connect users to the best therapist for their individual needs, the organization offers a free initial consultation with a Matching Agent, who will also shed light on how the platform works. Over 500,000 people trust Talkspace therapist with their mental health needs. Let’s all join the fight to destigmatize mental health, and support those who are coping with the difficulties of these conditions.

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