Are you into wearing cosmetics in your daily lives? Did you know that many of today’s cosmetics are full of chemical fillers? Are you aware that many of these products aren’t safe to use on a consistent basis? Unfortunately, this is the truth about the cosmetics industry, but there are a few companies that specialize in vegan-made products. Lime Crime just so happens to be one of those brilliant companies, and it’s rewriting the books on healthy cosmetics. This company uses organic ingredients to get its point across. Being certified-vegan is the best route to take in just about any circumstance, but most companies aren’t willing to go the distance.

Lime Crime has just about every type of cosmetic product to choose from. This includes nail polish, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, glitter, lip gloss and lip topper. Thanks to its huge success, the company has been able to expand its reach as well as expand its products. The all-new Unicorn hair dye is designed with the conscious-consumer in mind. This means that these semi-permanent products aren’t as harsh as other hair dye products. Users will receive full-coverage without the weighted-down feel. Some of the most intense colors can be experienced with this product thanks to its ultra-conditioning capabilities. Unicorn hair dyes are easy to apply, are longer lasting than previous versions and is 100 percent vegan. Yes, that’s right! Consumers won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals eating their hair-out in any type of way.

Some of the stunning colors for this product comes in charcoal grey, pastel pink, periwinkle blue, bright red, cherry-red burgundy, bright orange, emerald green, neon blue and many more. The sky is literally the limit with Lime Crime because this extraordinary company isn’t afraid to take chances, which is why it stands-out in a crowd.

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