The American Institute of Architects is a profession-based organization that tailors its mission to helping all architects in the United States. That’s been the American Institute of Architects’ mission since it was first founded as the New York Society of Architects in 1857.

Currently, the American Institute of Architects is headquartered in Washington, D.C., but it originally started in New York. Since then, it’s expanded on his mission from just helping architects to creating outreach programs that teach the public and government about the importance of well-designed architecture and the many environmental advantages to properly designed structures.

In 1857, the New York Society of Architects had 13 founding members, including Henry W. Cleveland, Henry Dudley, Edward Gardiner, John Welch, Fred A. Peterson, Joseph C. Wells, and Richard Upjohn, who served as President. After their first meeting, they decided to invite 16 other prominent architects into the organization.

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One of the main reasons they established the American Institute of Architects was to prevent people from calling themselves architects. Before the American Institute of Architects formed, anyone had the right to call themselves an architect because there were no schools or architecture or licensing laws back then.

They drafted their first constitution and a set of bylaws on March 10, 1857, under the name New York Society of Architects. After some discussion brought up by Thomas U. Walter, they decided to rewrite their constitution and change the organization’s name to the American Institute of Architects.

On April 15, 1857, they signed the new constitution and incorporated the name American Institute of Architects. Since then, the organization’s met and rose above the original members’ call of duty. The American Institute of Architects is the supreme power in the world of American architecture, and it’s working for the government to produce better-designed affordable housing.

The man leading the American Institute of Architects is Robert Ivy as CEO. Robert Ivy is one of the most award-winning and honored architects in the country. He started his architectural career when he was a principal at a small-time architectural publication. Robert Ivy is also a respected critic of architecture and was selected to help decide who would get to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

One the greatest accomplishments Robert Ivy ever achieved was becoming Editor in Chief of Architectural Record.

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