Mr. Todd Lubar is an investor and a businessman who works in the industry of real estate. Mr. Todd Lubar is based in the city of Potomac which is located in the state of Maryland. He is an owner of a company which has its main building set up in New Jersey. The company is called TDL Global Ventures, LLC. TDL Global Ventures, LLC is an organization that is dedicated to investments. Over the course of the last four years TDL Global Ventures, LLC has been expanding significantly as Mr. Todd Lubar has been occupying the position of President of the business.

Mr. Todd Lubar used to be a student at the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. He went to The Peddie School In Hightstown since 1987 which is located in New Jersey as well. In 1995, Mr. Todd Lubar completed his higher education the Syracuse University as he majored with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Speech Communications and Rhetoric.

The first position that Mr. Todd Lubar had worked was as a loan originator. He was working for the company of Crestar Mortgage Corporation. After a few years at the Crestar Mortgage Corporation, Mr. Todd Lubar was offered another position which he accepted, and so he became a part of the Legacy financial group for which he worked at an equity position. Mr. Todd Lubar was incredibly talented and successful in his line of work. He was offered a promotion, and he became Senior Vice President for a charitable organization called Carter Funding. What led Carter funding to offer Mr. Todd Lubar the position was his philanthropy work and his raising millions for charity. More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Ever since Mr. Todd Lubar was a teenager, he has had a fascination with the industry of real estate. He enjoyed reading about it in books dedicated to the production and hearing real estate people in business talk about it. That inspired him to create his company TDL Global Ventures, LLC and to become an integral part of the Potomac real estate community. Mr. Todd Lubar also uses his business to do more philanthropy work. See more:

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