Have you ever wanted to become a talent recruiter?
Most professionals in the area love their jobs as the executive recruiter of a company or firm. Being a recruiter means meeting new people every day and being able to analyze the competitors of a job opening deeply.
Candidates often form a momentary bond with the recruiter as they share their personal life, information, and often tell a bit of their story as well in the data acquisition phase. Many recruiters enjoy immensely this part of getting to know many people and their stories.
Although it isn’t just easy stuff that comprises the occupation of being a talent recruiter, it is a career that allows for flexible working hours, relaxing social conversations and, more importantly, every company needs a recruiter to fill job offers inside their offices.
But, what is required to become an executive recruiter of talent?


We analyzed an American recruiter who goes by the name of Julie

  1. She has an impressive record of successful hiring projects, tons of strategies to hire the best for her clients and lots of experience in the market, with more than fifteen years serving as a talent recruiter for large and small corporations alike. Nowadays, Julie Zuckerberg is recruiting for the multinational bank Deutsche Bank.

While it isn’t clear what distinguishes a great recruiter from a good one, we can say that experience is a primary qualification for this job, as experience allows you to understand your candidates better every time you meet new people.
Julie Zuckerberg has a successful record since the beginning because she was lucky to comprehend exactly what it takes to identify the right candidate for that job offering. Sometimes, skills and qualities among the candidates you are analyzing may have different weights depending on what is the task seat that you are filling. Sometimes, dedication is worth more than a deep understanding of math; other times, math is essential. You have to know exactly what is needed for a good professional to fill that gap for your clients.
That is the main reason why Julie was able to assist in the success of the companies she passed through during her time leading their recruitment teams. She worked as both a tutor and a leader of the other junior recruiters, teaching everything she knows about the most important traits to be analyzing.
Julie Zuckerberg got her degree at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College. She studied Philosophy at the University, but most of her knowledge in the recruitment career came from self-taught knowledge and by seeking specialists and successful professionals in the area.
Analyzing the professional history of Ms. Zuckerberg deeply, she worked as Vice President, Executive Recruiter and Leader of the Executive Recruitment Team for Citi Global Consumer Bank and Citi Global Functions.
Considering that she got her position in Citi as an Executive Recruiter very early after graduating from her University (she got in Citi in 2007!), it is a very impressive doing to grow so fast in a large company like Citi.
Right now, she is at Deutsche Bank, as the Executive Recruitment Lead. With an impressive track like that, she will grow very fast inside the bank.

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