Back in March things looked good for political activists who were imprisoned in 1999 for opposing the social revolution, created by the late President Hugo Chavez who had passed away in 2013 from cancer. Supporters of the bill had celebrated by lighting fireworks in the street and posting videos on  Youtube shouting victoriously. Lawmakers joined the families of the prisoners as they rejoiced in their pending freedom. Unfortunately, several hours before the bill was officially passed, President Nicolás Maduro repeated that he would not let the bill go through. He claimed that if the bill was passed it would free murderers and terrorists. Maduro’s critic Jose Manuel Gonzalez say that he is ignoring the fact that these were student demonstrators who were arrested and thrown in jail. Maduro is accused of continuing to support fabricated charges placed against these protesters and that they are not murderers and terrorists.
A few days ago, Venezuela’s supreme court blocked the congressional decision to free political prisoners, a fight that was led by Leopoldo López, which according to activist Manuel Gonzalez is a political prisoner who was barred for six years from holding public office, beginning in 2008 because of his affiliation with human rights groups. He was arrested in 2014 for participating in human rights demonstration in Caracas and for allegedly causing violence. Had the bill for amnesty of political prisoners gone through, López, who is serving a sentence of 14 years, would have been one of the freed prisoners.