The latest plastic surgeon to start a practice in Austin, Texas is newer to practicing in the area, but not new to the practice of plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden recently started her plastic surgery practice in Austin, Texas after a move from her former practice in Manhattan.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been practicing plastic surgery now in Austin for nearly five years. She had a plastic surgeon practice in New York for about seven years. She is a board certified plastic surgeon. She has all of the abilities and more of a plastic surgeon. She has aesthetic surgery, rhinoplasty, cosmetics, chemical peels, juvederm, fillers, breast augumentation, breast implants, face lift, liposuction, dermatology, body contouring and many more surgeries and services on her list of procedures she is trained and certified to perform.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has credited her success on her strong resolve and balance she has created in her life. Education, career and family are all things she is resolved to have present in her life. She works harder than most to have a balance career. Her resolve to have a family once she was in her late thirties was not ruined by not having a man in her life that she wanted to marry. She chose to have IVF treatment, so she could have children before her last eggs were up. Her children are the reason she chose to move her plastic surgeon practice to Austin, Texas. Texas is where her other family members live and she wanted her two children to enjoy being surrounded by family.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is pleased to see that she has been able to build a new plastic surgeon office in Austin in only three years. She is a doer, so she has never been one to be idle. Her new practice has far exceeded what she expected it would be in only three to four years. She credits her resolve, her doer attitude and her organized method of living as the reason why she has been able to achieve this feat. Additionally her calm and relaxing personality have made her a popular plastic surgeon in the area for patients who want to be at ease when receiving a plastic surgery procedure.

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