The Southridge Capital financial solutions agency was founded in 1996 by a man named Stephen Hicks. Mr. Hicks initially realized that there was a gap in the market for good, solid financial planning and analysis, and so he launched the company. Southridge Capital has since become the world’s largest and fastest-growing financial planning corporation. Their main office can be found in Connecticut, but they have expanded to include services in Australia, Africa and Singapore. Their international offices are ideal for people living, working or owning businesses in these designated countries. The company provides customized planning and analysis to their clients at reasonable and market-approved rates. In 2018, it was estimated that Southridge Capital made over $1.8 billion in American-based investments.


Southridge Capital serves over 250 corporations worldwide, some of which include the Western Connecticut Health Network, Save a Child’s Heart Network, Walnut Hill Community Church and Ridgefield Fountain Landmark. The expert analysts of Southridge conduct research and use historical data to better plan for their clients’ futures with investments and advisory services. Some of their services include merger and acquisition assistance, investment aid, data sheet creation and optimization, credit enhancing and business advisory services. The company currently employs four of the top financial analysts in the country, who include Stephen Hicks, Laurence Ditkoff, Linda Carlsen and Henry Sargent. Together, these professionals have over 30 years of experience working in the financial field and can work on client portfolios to better manage and create monetary plans that grow their corporations. Likewise, Southridge Capital can work with high net worth clients who are simply in need of one or more of their services.


Founder and CEO of the Southridge Capital corporation is Stephen Hicks. Mr. Hicks graduated from the Briar Cliff Manor and Fordham University in the 1970s and has gone on to work for several financial organizations as an analyst and advisor. Before he created and launched Southridge Capital, he worked for the Bridge Financial Group as their lead analyst. With over 30 years of high-quality and dedicated experience, Mr. Hicks along with his company can aid large corporations and smaller, budding businesses. You can visit their Facebook.



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